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Sop Saudara

Pangkep Beef Soup

I am a bit confuse how to give this soup a name where "saudara" means brotherhood, very odd if I call it brotherhood soup. I prefer Pangkep beef soup since it was invented there in South Sulawesi.

The soup very tasty with a hint of cinnamon, never get the exact recipe but the recipe I made quite close to the taste where I used to buy Sop Saudara in Pangkep. For me the one in Pangkep at jalan Kelapa near the traditional market was the best ever, I tried so many in Makassar even Jakarta but they are not the same like I ever tasted. I like red chilli color in there where I couldn't find it elsewhere. A couple of potato balls fritter to complete the presentation bowl.
My Recipe quite different then others posted on internet.

Recipe by me

500 gr beef, can be mixed with beef liver
250 ml coconut milk
1 lt broth from beef bones( can be subtituted with water and 1 tsp beef stock cube)
2 bay leaves
10 cm cinnamon bark
a slice of ginger
10 cm lemon grass
1/2 of nutmeg (2/3 tsp nutmeg powder)
2 lime leaves
a dash of pepper
Bring to boil and the beef tender, let the coconut milk curdles and broth clear.
Paste oil:
2 shallots( need 5 to 10 for Indonesian shallots)
3 cloves garlic
1 T corriander seed, tossed
1/4 tsp cumin
6 candlenuts
1 red chilli
1 T cooking oil
salt ground the herbs and stir fry with oil for a minute. Pour over the broth.
Burasa(coconut rice cake)
sambal(chilli sauce)
kecap( sweet soybean sauce)
Potato balls fritters
Fried beef lung, thinly sliced and well marinated before fried
fried shallots
When the beef tender, set aside and continue cooking for couple of minutes. Serves with condiments.
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