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Kue Lumpur

Traditional Mud Potato Cake

Has been long time ago since my last bite of this favourite cake. Smooth velvety taste which I can't really taste that it's actually mash potatoes in this mixture with young coconut meat bites.

The cake more well known in Java island and these days has lots of variations. My taste as usual is original made from eggs, wheat flour, mash potatoes and slices of young coconut baked in a special kue lumpur pan. Very simple but the taste incredibly rich.

Once I tried to bake them in oven with muffin mould but turned dry, at that time I didn't have kue lumpur pan yet. I was thinking to cover the top with foil will do the trick so the top stay smooth but still not as it use to be.so if you want to try this I suggest to bake them in a poffertjes pan if you don't have one.

Kue Lumpur pan made from aluminium composit which is lighter than cast iron eventhough still weight 2.5 kg specially bought it at Kopro traditional market in Jakarta- Indonesia when I was there for a holiday.

It made me laugh everytime I remember how on earth I am going to carry this in my suitcase.

Recipe by my aunty

375 gr potatoes, steam then mashed
100 gr plain flour
150 gr coconut milk
2 eggs
125 gr sugar
a dash of salt and vanilla
1 young coconut, scrath with spoon
oil for brushing

Mix the mash potatoes with plain flour and coconut milk, set aside.
In other bowl whisk eggs and sugar until fluffy, fold into mash potatoes and all ingredients.
Preheat the pan, brush with oil and pour the mixture three quarter add raisins put the lid on.
Leave to bake until golden brown. Serves warm or cold.

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