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I am blogging new and existing recipes from our old Chicken Kitchen blog.


Sticky Rice Cake


The easiest way to make Lontong for someone new or someone who is far from home(read- Indonesia). No need skaled lime(kapur sirih) to make it firmed. I used wodden rolling cookies for the shape, this recipe for 1 lontong with dia approx. 4.2cm and length 24 cm.
Doesn't matter what you use for rolling the cling film as long as the diameter not more than 5 because the thicker is your lontong the longer time you have to cook it. Remember that Lontong will be rise from the size after you cook it.

100 gr basmati rice(long grain rice), soak for 2 hrs and drained
Cling film for covering

Cover the wodden roll for cookies with cling film for about 3-4 times, loose it and bind the edge with it or with cotton thread(for baking). Fill the tube with drained rice 3/4 from the length (e.g length 24 cm then you must fill the rice to 16 cm) and bind the edge(both each edges has to be bind) and also bind with loose cotton thread in the middle so the rice will not out from the middle side. Make few holes(8 - 10). Put into the pressure cooker, fill the water until the rice tube covered. Cook for 50 - 60 minutes, count it when the first sizzling.
Leave it until really cool then you can open the lid(this cooling process is to make the lontong really firmed). Cut the lontong when its cool. Serves with chicken sate or any style of chicken/meat with gravy.


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Homemade Banana chips


Ah..my one and the best favourite chips ever. I love to taste banana chips, salted or sweet..cheesy must be delicious too. Very simple to make but difficult to find the righ young banana.

I bought one young green plantain which is good for chips in big supermarket, I thought I can find it easily the next day, but I was wrong...I might find it easily in African market in London.

Eating Warning! Very addicted.

1 young plantain, thinly slices
a pinch of salt
icing sugar
Oil for deep frying

Peel the plantain carefully, sliced and do not wash it otherwise it will be slimey, add salt and rolling up the plantain by holding the bowl. Straight to hot deep fry for 3 minutes or until golden. Leave in strainer and transfer to kitchen towel. Leave to cool, dusting with icing sugar. Place in an airtight glass jar.


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