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Serves: 2 Persons

Banana, symbol of Life.
Rich of vitamin A, B6, C and mostly Kalium that can be prevent high blood pressure, healthy heart and Oxygen circulation in brain. Good for dietary and fast to give energy when you feel weak also stop you go to the loo when u get diarrhea.
In Indonesia, banana is a multifunction plantation from shoot for food to leaf for fragrance. Each stem produces a single bunch of banana before dying and being replaced by new stem.
This philosophy has been rooted for ages which can be seen in every occasions such as marriage proccession and party they use banana fruit, leaf for food decor, stem for gate decorations.
Here is one dessert I always eat when I was living in South Sulawesi and love to share the recipe with you.

Barongko is a sweet soft banana pudding, using very matured banana (the skin with a bit with black spot but the inside still white) to get the better taste and soft.
Longtime ago this dessert only served for The Royal family and special occasion in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Now on, everybody can eat them.
Hint: do not put too much flour otherwise it turned hard. 1 ripe banana contain more less 300 ml clean pulp banana. For a hand of banana ( satu sisir pisang kepok) using 4 - 5 eggs and just multiply with the all ingredients.
Subtitute banana leaf with greased heatproof glass container or tupperware.

1 ripe big Banana (pisang tanduk), cored and blended
30 gr sugar
1 tbsp plain flour
1 egg
80 ml thick milk coconut ( 2 tbsp coconut powder with 80 ml water)
3 balls of Jackfruit, diced(subtitute with raisins)
Banana leaves for shell

Slices and cored banana( remove the black seeds inside) process in food processor until smooth, add sugar and egg, whisk. Heat saucepan with thick coconut milk add vanili combine with banana.
For each shell take 2 leaves size 20 x 20 cm and pour the pulp banana in the center add diced jackfruit or raisins, fold and stapler.
Steam for 20 minutes or 4 minutes after 1st sizzling in pressure cooker.
Serves cold or warm.


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