Rasa Catering

We provide catering for small to large parties and events, whatever your celebration or events might be and providing whatever dietery requirements you need, be they kosher or halal meats to vegetarian alternatives.

One of the most popular requested Indonesian catering option we can offer you is Nasi Tumpeng.

Nasi Tumpeng, from 10 persons


  • Beef, choose between Rendang or sweet slow cooked beef
  • Fried chicken, pre cooked with coconut milk and galangal
  • Egg with spicy sauce, Telur Balado
  • Kering tempe, Crispy tempe with anchovy and peanuts
  • Perkedel daging, Beef and potatoes patty
  • Urap sayur, Indonesian mix veggies salad with shredded young coconut
  • Sambal, Chilli sauce
  • Nasi kuning, turmeric rice cooked with coconut milk and herbs


Garden party, from 25 persons

sample menus

  • Vegetarian noodles
  • Rendang Padang, spicy dry curry Padang style
  • Ayam goreng bumbu, fried chicken which has been pre-cooked with coconut milk
  • Pecel, mixed vegetables with peanut sauce. Veggies varied ( blanched morning glory, snake beans, cabbage, cucumber and mixed salads)

or your choice

we also provide Satay Bar for garden party such as chicken satay, lamb satay, beef satay, fish based satay " sate Lilit" or vegetarian with special satay barbecue.


catering 1

catering spongebob

catering barbie

catering large parties 1

catering large parties 2

  • Small Parties or events

    Catering for small parties minimum of 10 people.
  • Spongebob birthday themed

    Themed Spongebob catering for birthday parties.
  • Barbie birthday themed

    Themed Barbie catering for birthday parties.
  • Large catering events

    Large catering parties for up to 80 people
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